School Services


Requests in advance for absences from school for holidays, family leave, surgery or other circumstances should be submitted in writing to the Principal’s Office using the Application for Exemption Form. When possible, please submit your requests at least two weeks prior to the anticipated absence.

What Should You Do

If your child is absent from School:

Email the College on
Call the College Reception on 4821 3600 on the day of the absence

If your child is late for School they should:

  • Parent/Carer to write a reason in the Student Diary
  • Report to the College Office and have the details recorded
  • Take the diary to the next class as a pass to enter.

If your child has an appointment during school hours your they should:

Present a note in the Student Diary to the House Leader for approval in the morning

Report to the College Office with the note signed by the House Coordinator prior to departure.

If your child must take leave during the school term:

Request permission for this leave in advance, using the Application for Exemption Form. and submit to the

For other matters:

If, for some exceptional reason, your child is unable to wear the full school uniform your child should:

Make a note in the Student Diary to explain the situation and present it to the House Coordinator who will initial and date this note.

If your child loses some property they should:

Enquire at College Office and report the loss to the Academic Care Coordinator.

If your child misses an Assessment Task:

Contact the Assistant Principal Pedagogy and Performance on 4821 3600 and Subject Coordinator.

If your child needs assistance with personal issues:

Consult with the Homeroom Teacher, House Coordinator, Academic Care Coordinator or, if necessary the College Counsellor.

If you change your address, telephone number or other personal details:

Notify the College via email to as soon as possible.

If your child has money to hand in for fees, excursions or other reasons:

  • This money must be placed in a sealed envelope with the amount, purpose and your name, House and/or homeroom clearly written on it