Special Report: Smartphones in Schools

In June 2018, the NSW Minister for Education, commissioned an independent review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools.

The review was led by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, and supported by other independent experts as well as many students, parents and guardians, teachers and principals who were consulted in the process. As a result, the use of mobile devices during school hours will now be restricted in NSW public primary schools.

Currently, school policies around the use of electronic devices during school hours vary widely. Technology does have a role to play in the classroom, but this needs to be facilitated. Personal smartphones, on the other hand, are proving to be a distraction for students in terms of their access to social media sites, as well as potentially being a source of bullying activities.

In this Special Report, parents and guardians will learn about the importance of helping their kids find a balance to get the good parts out of technology. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered here and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to your special report :