Trinity Catholic College offers a broad variety of subjects giving all students the opportunity to choose a course of study that caters for their individual interests and talents.

We are proud to be a College delivering the Higher School Certificate (HSC), an internationally recognised qualification, which acts as a passport to employment or tertiary study.

Our aim in the senior years of schooling is to provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for employment or tertiary study. We are also proud to provide multiple pathways to students while still at school, making available Vocational and Educational Training opportunities.

We recognise that the future of our students is not found in our past. The world our students will live in is characterised by rapid change. As a community we are committed to learning, understanding and applying, as distinct from simply knowing and reproducing.

We strive to be a vibrant community of learners with a comprehensive curriculum that encourages both collaborative and individual learning.

Our students are taught to develop negotiation, problem solving, communication, presentation, planning and research skills and they are encouraged to participate actively and to stretch themselves.