Hi everyone, and welcome to the 2016 school year!

Firstly, welcome to our new Aboriginal students and their families. Our Aboriginal student numbers continue to rise, growing from 2 Aboriginal students 4 years ago up to 22 students in 2016. I am really excited about what Midgee will do this year, and, among other things, we are hoping to hold a Cultural Festival later in the year. I will provide more information about that later in the term.

One area I have been working on is the Midgee section of the TCCG website. It includes news, important 2016 calendar dates, photos, events and a resource section. Please check the site regularly as it will be updated on a weekly basis.

One of Midgee’s aims is to educate everyone about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Towards this aim, I have created a resource section that everyone is welcome to utilise (most things) from. It is indexed under subheadings such as ‘Dance’, “People’ and ‘Music’ and contains books, articles and videos. If you, your children or your friends would like a copy of anything, please contact me at the College on my email address. Similarly, if you have any resources or know any websites that would facilitate learning about our First Peoples, please let me know. As Adam Goodes so wisely said, “Indigenous culture is there for all of us to tap into, for everyone to share, NOT JUST ABORIGINAL PEOPLE.”

Our first event for Term 1 will be the College Assembly in which we welcome the student body for 2016, especially our new Year 7 students. It is an important Assembly in which we perform our first Acknowledgment of Country for the year and welcome the Trinity community with a greeting in Gundungurra. Midgee’s other event this week is a get-together with the incoming Year 7 students to tell them a little bit about local Aboriginal heritage and have them each create a hand stencil that will be used in an art installation later in the year.

Each month I will send out ‘The Midgee Bulletin’ to all our Aboriginal families. The first edition will go out in about 3 weeks time. I will also be phoning all our families in the next week or so, just to say ‘hello.’ Don’t forget, if you want to contact me, (and please do so!), it is best to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, the National Museum of Australia (Canberra) is holding a really good exhibition of ATSI objects from the British Museum. There are some wonderful objects on display, some of which are very sad, such as the Tasmanian paintings, but it is an uplifting exhibition. An important educational aspect of the display is the way 27 Indigenous communities are shown, both in contemporary and historical works. As TCCG has students and staff from over 14 Indigenous communities, it is well worth a visit. Entry is free, as is weekend parking.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Bev McGreevy

Aboriginal Contact Teacher

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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